Create multiple tasks copies at once

I’ve seen several posts asking how to copy multiple tasks at once, but the answers are usually just to copy the names of the tasks and then manually add the subtasks. I don’t know if the feature request has been submitted, but I would really appreciate if there was an option to copy multiple tasks (including their subtasks) at once. Our standard templates have several tasks with several subtasks, and we’d like the option to quickly copy these tasks into an already existing project. Having this feature would save us tons of time and be really appreciated.

Hi @Brian_Fanelli - I’d recommend having these tasks with subtasks live in a template project that you copy over (You can have the tasks live in multiple projects).

You can select which details of the tasks you want to copy over and can then add all of the copied-in-bulk tasks with their subtasks at once (via multi-select) to the appropriate project -


Hi @Shannon_McNeil, thanks for the quick reply! Unfortunately this is not the feature we are looking for.

We have template projects set up, that we’ll often use to copy as a new project, so all the assignees, followers, subtasks, etc remain in place. The issue we come across is when we have a specific set of tasks that are common to projects, but we would like to duplicate INTO a project that already exists.

To give a little more info on exactly what I mean and what we’re looking for:

Our company provides a service to clients, and many of these clients are recurring. When they come back, they have samples that will need to go through the same pipeline, and essentially be treated as an independent project. We prefer that each client name be the project, so that within a project, we’ll have subprojects in a layout like this:

Client A June ABCD Samples:
-standard task 1, with subtasks and other metadata
-standard task 2, with subtasks and other metadata
-standard task 3, with subtasks and other metadata
-standard task 4, with subtasks and other metadata

Client A July EFGH Samples:
-standard task 1, with subtasks and other metadata
-standard task 2, with subtasks and other metadata
-standard task 3, with subtasks and other metadata
-standard task 4, with subtasks and other metadata

If we were to split these into separate projects, then we could use the template feature, sure, but we would then have way too many projects, and it would be a bit difficult to keep track of how many projects we have going on for a given client at a given time. And we find it very helpful being able to look at all the work we’re doing for Client X at any given time.

What we currently have to do, since there is not a multiple copy feature:
Currently, we have to go to our template project, and for each individual task, we go through the steps of: on task
2.make a copy of task
3.check to include additional associated info all of these new copied tasks
5.add the project tag of the new one we’d like them to go to
6.remove the project tag of the current template they belong to, so that the template is cleaned up for later

What we are requesting and why it would save us tons of time:
-Implement a multiple select and copy feature (it could be either to duplicate the tasks to a new project, or to just duplicate within the same project)
1.When Client A comes back with new samples for August IJKL, we can just multi-select the tasks in our template, and click “duplicate tasks” and move them to “Client A” project.
2.from there all I’d have to do is add a header for the subproject “Client A August IJKL” and we’d be done

This would save us many steps of extra clicks, and ensure that none of the tasks get missed or copied incorrectly. I’ve also seen several other people posting for features like this, but so far the responses I’ve seen to them are info relating to how to multiple-select tasks, and info on how to utilize templates, separately. What would be awesome is if these two could be combined.


Thanks for clarifying, @Brian_Fanelli. We’ll pass this feedback along to our product team.

As a potential workaround, you could have tasks for each client also live in a “standard tasks to copy over” project (since tasks can be a part of more than one project) and then you could copy over the subset of tasks which live in both projects as a quicker way to copy multiple tasks.

We often use tasks as templates within a project at our company. For example, we have a TEMPLATE product request task, and we duplicate that task to have the right template into which to fill all information that needs to be logged for a product request. It is very handy. However, the duplicate task step takes significant processing time, which really disrupts the workflow and adds up to a signifcant amount of time wasted. If we could duplicate a variable number of tasks when duplicateing, so to make 5x or 10x copies of the task at once, it would make Asana more powerful, efficient and valuable for us.

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As a workaround you could “prepare” several duplicated tasks to save time. You duplicate the task a few times. Then duplicate the project and move back the tasks from the second project into the first one. And again… Quickly you’ll have a whole batch of tasks to use immediately.

@Marie someone else from the Community had the exact same request today, maybe we can merge the threads :slight_smile:

Thanks for the mention @Bastien_Siebman; I’ve gone ahead and merged this thread with Create multiple tasks copies at once

Are there any updates on this? How to copy multiple tasks at the same time?