Multi-Task Copying



Is there a release schedule for the addition of multi-task copying? The single task copy function is def creating some obstacles with using Asana as a Project Management tool vs being a “task tracker.”


While we don’t currently share our official release schedule, I’ll definitely take down your feedback that this is something you’re looking for.

In the meantime, in case you haven’t done this before, I find it super easy to just copy the project housing the task(s) or the parent task housing the subtask(s) and then keep the relevant and/or deleting the irrelevant tasks from the copy.


Hi @elaux

I thought I’d share a workaround for copying multiple tasks (without copying the entire project).

  1. Create a new parent task in your project
  2. Convert each task you want to duplicate into a subtask of your new task:
  3. Once all your tasks have been converted into subtasks, duplicate the parent task:
  4. Go to the copied parent task, select all subtasks and convert them all back into parent tasks into your project

I know it’s not the easiest workaround, but I hope this helps!


This is a much more elegant solution than what I had!!! We have multiple checklists we incorporate into our project management. But some projects use different checklists or some of them but not all of them. We have a checklist for different types of projects. So I’ll have one main job. The templates are separate. So what I did was:

Create copy of Template
Archive copy of Template
Drag and drop the multi-selected items I need from the original template
Delete original template
Unarchive the copied template


I hope this is on the ASANA product road map though!!!


Hi @Anthony_Moore I’m just trying out your solution - How do you drag and drop to a different project?


Is there any update if the ability to copy a parent task + subtasks together?