Duplicating Multiple Tasks At Once

Hello! I am wondering if it is possible to select and duplicate multiple tasks at one time. For example… I am setting up Project and then building a section within that project. I would like to copy a section or the complete list of tasks in that section and be able to paste it into another project. Is this possible?

You can multi-select tasks, and then use Ctrl-C + Ctrl-V to copy and paste a list of task wherever you want (but it won’t copy assignees and dates, just the title of the tasks). Or you can duplicate a project and it wiil copy all the tasks at once.


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Thank you for the response. I am not sure if I am doing it incorrectly but it is not working for me. I highlight the list of tasks I need to copy and then ctrl+c and then ctrl+v and it wont copy over. Suggestions?

It works only from the list view, have you tried from there?

It only works in list view, and you need to make a blank task and hit ctrl+v with your cursor in the task name. It won’t paste if you’re trying to hit ctrl+v while you still have the tasks selected.

I also have a workaround to duplicate multiple tasks and KEEP the assignees, dates, descriptions, etc.:

  1. Make a copy of the entire project (you’ll delete it later)
  2. In the project copy, select the tasks you want to duplicate and click the Edit project or section icon at the bottom of the screen
    Screen Shot 2020-09-18 at 4.35.50 PM
  3. Add these tasks to the original project
  4. Go back to the original project and move the tasks you added to wherever you need them to be in your project (by default, they show up in the first section)
  5. Delete the copy of the project (you don’t need it anymore)

Great idea @Justine_D :grinning:
And thank you for the additional info I forgot to mention on copy/paste :+1:

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@Silas1, for copying sections/multiple tasks in full (including their metadata) see also:


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