How to copy bulk tasks to paste in new project

I have multiple tasks in one project that I want to copy into a new one as they involve the same steps. There are too many to click into each individual task and copy, I’m looking for a way to select all, copy, and paste. When I do that using command+c and command+v it copies over the task URLs, not the actual task descriptions.

You could duplicate the project

You could save the project as a template and use the template

Or you could try this:

  • Select the top task
  • press [shift] and select bottom task
  • then copy paste
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Welcome, @Daria_Linvill,

It sounds like you want to copy multiple tasks, including their descriptions (and perhaps more metadata about them). If so, Asana actually doesn’t handle that easily.

You could duplicate the project which will copy everything over, but it will make a new project (maybe not what you want), and copy over perhaps more than what you want. To just get what you want after the duplicate project, multi-select the set of tasks you are interested, and in the bottom multi-select toolbar, click the Edit project or section icon then Add to projects and add those tasks to your existing project.

There are some forum posts on the topic and you could search for those which offer some more complicated but potentially helpful approaches.



copy paste only copies over the task link, not the task itself.

In my experience it’s the task title, not the link.

Anyway, that’s why I suggested duplicating the project first, since you mentioned you wanted to to copy all tasks. So why not copy the project?

And if you repeat this type of project more often it might be worth turning it it into a template to provide a single source of truth.