Copy Tasks Across Projects

Is there any way to quickly copy a new task to multiple projects?

I don’t mean adding several projects to the same task, or adding a task to a template.

I mean copying unique instances of a task and subtasks, quickly to existing different projects. Duplicating one by one takes forever.

Hey @Helen_Gallagher ,
There isn’t apart from multihoming or task templates really.
Templating the project with tasks in place for the future is probably the best way forward if possible

Hi @Helen_Gallagher , welcome to the forum :wave:

You could avoid what you mention above by multiselecting your tasks from one project, similarly to how you would click and drag to select a list in Word or select cells in Excel. Then use Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy, then go to the destination project, click on a task where you want to insert your tasks and hit Ctrl+V.

(replace Ctrl with Cmd if on Mac).

@Helen_Gallagher I have found a workaround. I click on the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the task and select “duplicate task”, then I unselect/uncheck the “project” category. Then, on the bottom left of the screen, there is a notification that my duplicated task has been created. I click on it to open the duplicate task and add it to the project I want. I hope this helps!

You can also add a task to another project and create a template from that.