Copy Tasks Across Projects

Is there any way to quickly copy a new task to multiple projects?

I don’t mean adding several projects to the same task, or adding a task to a template.

I mean copying unique instances of a task and subtasks, quickly to existing different projects. Duplicating one by one takes forever.

Hey @Helen_Gallagher ,
There isn’t apart from multihoming or task templates really.
Templating the project with tasks in place for the future is probably the best way forward if possible

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You could avoid what you mention above by multiselecting your tasks from one project, similarly to how you would click and drag to select a list in Word or select cells in Excel. Then use Ctrl+C on your keyboard to copy, then go to the destination project, click on a task where you want to insert your tasks and hit Ctrl+V.

(replace Ctrl with Cmd if on Mac).

Note, this quick method will ONLY copy the task name - not the description, subtasks, custom field values, attachments etc.

@Helen_Gallagher I have found a workaround. I click on the three dots in the upper righthand corner of the task and select “duplicate task”, then I unselect/uncheck the “project” category. Then, on the bottom left of the screen, there is a notification that my duplicated task has been created. I click on it to open the duplicate task and add it to the project I want. I hope this helps!


You can also add a task to another project and create a template from that.

Is there a way to get the task descriptions to copy over as well when you copy tasks from one project to another?

Hi @Michelle_Squire , welcome to the forum :wave:

No unfortunately not, as I mentioned in my post above, this method is only good for copying task names only.

My take is that Asana do not promote duplicating tasks, especially in bulk. I believe that they would prefer us to ‘multi-home’ tasks which essentially means to have the same task ‘appear’ in more than one project (i.e. added to seevral projects).

But I can understand there are cases where you would want to duplicate tasks in bulk. So for the time being, you would have to duplicate each task individually by right clicking on each task and selecting ‘Duplicate task’.

If you are perhaps looking to duplicate the same task but assign it to various people (like you would send out one email to numerous people asking everyone on the email to do something), you could also try using “assign to multiple people” which will show up when you click on the assignee field within the task details pane. See this article here and scroll down to the part where it describes Assign duplicate tasks .

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Hi, @Helen_Gallagher did you solve this somehow properly? thanks! Copy Tasks Across Projects

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I’ve merged your post into an existing thread where a few different workarounds/alternate solutions were proposed.