Editing multiple tasks after the recent update

Very recently Asana updated what you can edit when multiple tasks are selected. Before, you could basically change most of the standard task fields like the date, tags, etc.

Now there’s just this tiny, reduced options panel that doesn’t allow me to edit anything useful, leading to a huge increase in time needed for some workflows. Plus most people don’t notice it at all because it’s positioned super weird at the bottom center.

I sincerely hope that we’ll get a roll-back or at least all of the previous editing options back.


HI @Nicolas_Fischer and thank you for sharing your feedback with us!

Sincere apologies for the confusion here. Please note that you can still edit Assignee, due dates, project, tags and Custom Fields directly from the rows when multi-selecting tasks. Please see screenshot attached.


I hope it helps Nicolas but please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

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Hi Natalia

thank you for your swift reply.

Your suggested solution is an OK workaround, but is still lacking because the edit options only exist for currently activated fields.
So if I wanted to edit tags for example, I need to activate the field “tags” in the project overview, then select all tasks, then edit tags, then deactivate the “tags” field again in the project overview.

Before, I just needed to select all tasks and edit whatever needed editing (bar a few exceptions that couldn’t be edited).

Is there any chance we’ll get back those now missing editing features?


To add to my previous post:
There’s also no option to move and duplicate multiple tasks at once. I am not sure if both of these features were there before, but it’s still something that is sorely missed.

HI @Nicolas_Fischer :wave:t3: Marie here jumping in for @Natalia.

This update is quite new, I have just posted an announcement in the Forum as we’re ramping it up to 100% of our customers (see: Taking bulk actions in Asana List view just got easier!).

You’re completely right about not being able to edit fields that don’t appear on your project list; I’ve just gone ahead and moved this thread to our #productfeedback category to allow you and other forum members to vote for this to be improved in a future update. Our team is currently monitoring feedback and I’ll make sure to keep you posted via this thread once we have a better solution for this use case. In the meantime, if there is anything else I can help you with, please let me know!


That was not possible before, but if you haven’t yet, I would recommend adding your vote to Create multiple tasks copies at once


Hi @Marie

thanks for your reply and thank you for suggesting voting for this thread.

I’ll make sure to keep an eye on this topic and the general product announcement page to stay up to date with future changes.


One issue I’m running into with multiple task select is being able to get a sum value of custom fields. We use a points (numeric) field to track effort and under the old system, when multiple tasks were selected, you would see the total to the right of the points field in the right hand pane. This information appears to be gone now.

I thought I saw a sum in the toolbar for the first day or so of the new format, but I do not see it now.