Ability to duplicate tasks or sections within project templates

In a normal project you can right-click on a task and Duplicate Task.
You can also click the 3 dots next to the section title and Duplicate Section.
You can not do either of these within a project template.

We need to continually keep our templates updated with the latest procedures, and duplicate sections out for repeated but slightly different processes.
Why is the “duplicate” functionality only available outside of templates and not inside templates?

2024-03-12-normal project 2

2024-03-12-template 1
2024-03-12-template 2

Also why do topics keep getting locked after 4 days of no activity? Seems ridiculous to prevent conversation about features that are still missing (even though apparently they used to exist years ago). Also the previous voteable suggestion for this was recently closed/locked without resolution.
Example 1: Can't duplicate tasks in new project template - #7 by Rashad_Issa
Example 2: Task Actions to be available while building a project template (version 2.0) - #7 by Xandra

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Hi @jakez ,

Great suggestion; I agree that it can be frustrating to edit templates generally (esp. this duplication issue) relative to making the same edits in projects. Please make sure you upvote your own post!

In the meantime, you probably already know this if you read the threads you linked, but what a lot of people do is just create a project from the template, edit that, and then re-save it as a new template. You can do some things here (e.g., delete that untitled section from the board view that gets silently created by default, change the default dependency management option, etc.) that you simply can’t do in templates (yet).

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