Can't duplicate tasks in new project template


My old version of a project template has been converted to the new one but there is now no option to duplicate a task or subtask within the new template nor is it possible to get individual task links. Will this be made available later?


Hi @Joanna_Yiptatchung
Thanks for sharing this. Can you please provide further clarity? What do you mean you cannot duplicate a task within the new template?
I just tried creating a new project using one of the templates and I am able to duplicates tasks and subtasks.

Hi, it’s when i’m trying to duplicate a task within the project template itself. There’s now no right click option menu available now

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Here is a screen shot, I am within a template and I am able to duplicate a task.
Try going into a task, select the 3 dots and then see if the menu option are identical to the screen shot below.

If it is not identical, then I suggest you contacting the support team as this is not the expected behaviour. You can reach them on here: Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

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i don’t have that. thanks for your help. I’ll contact Support

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The difference is that @Rashad_Issa is showing a screenshot from an old version 1.0 Project Template, whereas @Joanna_Yiptatchung is referring to the new Project Templates 2.0.

@Joanna_Yiptatchung, Asana doesn’t provide info on future features, so we can’t really know whether they will provide the duplicate-task functionality in the new Project Templates. My hunch woud be that they will - this is just the initial release of the 2.0 templates and I know they’ll be adding functionality to it as they go forward.


Thanks @Phil_Seeman for keeping an eye out and providing clarity.

@Joanna_Yiptatchung apologies my initial response have guided you down the wrong path. Now I know that I haven’t updated my templates to version 2.0. I will go ahead an open a product feedback for your point now.

thanks for your help. I contacted Support and confirmed it isn’t currently possible to duplicate tasks within the template. Hopefully this will be made possible in the future.

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Great! And I have opened this product feedback topic as well. Please feel free to upvote it

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