Task Actions to be available while building a project template (version 2.0)

I just discovered that Project Templates 2.0 have some limited features compared the original version.

From my previous experience, asana never introduces a new version that is subpar to the existing feature. so it is highly likely that the project template 2.0 will see some enhancements. As we cannot guarantee this, I would like this feature to be upvoted please, and it is:

When creating a project template, I would like to have the efficiency to use all the features I have within a active project while building. So for instance, if you are building a project template and you have a series of tasks that are identical (or very much similar), it would be helpful to duplicate the task in the set up page. This will speed things up.


The massive problem here is that you are stuck with templates v2, you can’t create V1 anymore :confused: in the coming days we’ll probably see a wave of requests like this. We might even have a blackmarket of V1 templates in companies being traded :rofl:


Hahahahahahahaha :joy::rofl::joy:

This is kind of a big issue, I just found out I couldn’t duplicate tasks in a template after deleting a bunch of common ones thinking it would be faster to make the changes I needed in one and then duplicate the tasks again … huge mistake apparently. Is this being worked on?

Hey Christopher,
Welcome to the forum. Sorry you had to experience it this way. I am sure you are aware, but just in case, you can retrieve your deleted tasks in the meantime.