Ability to duplicate task templates and forms into new or existing projects

It would be great to be able to house our task templates and existing forms in a library so that we can easily add them to new or existing projects without having to manually re-add the title, assignee, description, subtasks, etc… Having a feature where we could bulk-apply existing task templates or forms would be SO nice.

Right now, we use a lot of task templates to allow for people to easily write all the info someone needs in order to successfully complete their task. While this is great, we did this after already have a number of project boards and just recently added it to the project board template we use. Therefore, the existing projects (about 20 of them) do not have the individual task templates.

Same idea goes for forms, it would be great to be able to pull from some sort of library of all of our forms so that we can just add them with one click, rather than having to manually create a new form or task template in each existing project.

Also, although it’s great to be able to add the task templates to the templated board, it would be nice to be able to create a new board and just have the ability to add the task templates / forms that already exist in our organization.

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