Feature Request - Task Templates for Boards

We have a couple boards we use for projects that have a lot of repetitive actions/tasks. Because of this, we start with a “template” task that contains some predetermined sub-tasks and what not. We simply copy this task and then change the name and everything for the new task.

I thought it would be really helpful if there was actually a template feature for boards, where you can create an official task template for that project. Then any task that is added to that project board will start with that template by default (no need to duplicate a task). Also, if you go in an Edit the template task with a new sub-task or something, it will automatically update all tasks that are based on that template with the new sub-task.

I know this would help us a lot, as we do this for a few different projects. Would this help any other people? If so, maybe Asana will add it as a feature request soon.


I think there actually is… Click on the three dots menu for a board layout project and “Save as a template”. Then when you create a project you can choose this template. Would that do the trick for you?

I wonder if this is the main issue:

‘Also, if you go in an Edit the template task with a new sub-task or something, it will automatically update all tasks that are based on that template with the new sub-task.’

I know there have been other threads that have requested this functionality before: (Push project template updates to existing projects, for example) and @Bastien_Siebman, you’ve commented on why that would be incredibly difficult. I have to agree. I don’t see how an update to all existing projects based on that template could feasibly work. There are just too many variables.

So I’m not referring to a “project template”, but a “task template”, maybe my description was off. I’m talking about within a project board, when you create a task and it shows up as a little card you can drag from column-to-column (not sure what the correct terminology for those are, but I thought they were just tasks). I was thinking you could make one of those a template…since the process and tasks within that project are always the same.

For example, we use the same process for every webinar we produce, but each webinar gets its own task so we can track it’s progress through the process. If we duplicate the task 100 times, one for each webinar, then need to add another sub task because we have added a new point in the process, we have to go update all 100 cards. If they were based on a template, we could simply add one new sub task and it’ll automatically add to all tasks made from that template.

Ah, I see. Sorry, I hadn’t fully understood what you meant. A task template is a great idea. I’m still not sure how possible it would be to push changes to all existing tasks based on that template, but I like it in theory.

With us using “tasks” as “projects”, this would help make ASANA feel more natural in creating projects to have the option when you click “add task” for their to be the option to “add task from template” which would bring in sub-tasks, description, custom fields, and attachments. I could see this making onboarding easier for my team than trying to explain about duplicating a template task. I see that task getting “stolen” very quickly. An admin could manage task templates from a central location. Likely complexities around how custom fields would behave with something like this - i.e) would the task inherit the project’s custom fields or would it introduce it’s own custom fields to the project. It seems a lot of users use tasks as projects and surprised the “duplicate task” template concept has been satisfactory.

Hi everyone!

I’m thrilled to announce we’re launching Task Templates! :tada: Our first version of Task Templates allows you to create a templated task with preset subtasks, assignees, and due dates. Once you’ve created a Task Template, you and your teams have the option to use the templates each time you want to add a task – much like how it works for project templates. And, this means that you won’t find errant tasks that show up in your My Tasks list just because someone duplicated it or the template task needs to be assigned to you.

Please find more details in our recent announcement:

We hope you enjoy this update, and we look forward to your feedback! :slight_smile:

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