Is there a way to create a template that can be copied INTO an existing project?

Is there a way to create a template that can be copied INTO an existing project? Also, Is there a way when I copy a task that it retains all of the subsequent descriptions and subtasks?

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Great questions, @Kathleen_Sykes. You can create task templates to copy task templates within an existing project, and you can see recommendations for this on the Guide here.

Regarding copying tasks, when you select the “Copy Task” option, you will see a modal (screenshot below) that allows you to select which components of the task you want to copy over including Subtasks and the Description.

Hi @Kaitie , I came across this post, as I’m looking for the same functionality that Kathleen mentioned in her first question. The link you referenced for copying task templates into an existing project isn’t the exact functionality I’m looking for (and I think what Kathleen was looking for based on her wording). This seems to be based on copying single tasks, not groups of tasks at once.

Is there any way, or any plan to make the functionality available, that we can take all of the tasks in a template project, and copy them into a project that already exists, so that I can make those a subproject in it?

For example, my company processes samples for various clients, and they’ll often come in different batches or at different times. We like to keep them in the same main project, say “Client A.” When we first make their project, we’ll copy our template to the Client A project. But if Client A comes back a few months later with some new samples, we’d prefer to have a subproject within it, say “June 2018 Samples.” In that subproject, I’d like all of the tasks from my template to be duplicated over.

Is this possible at all? If not, should I create a new post under product feedback?


Brian, I was hoping for something similar as well. I don’t know how many tasks you have, but there is an option, depending on how you work… and at this point, if you have more than like 10 tasks, I would say it may be more trouble than it’s worth.

The best way I’m seeing to do this is to create a task that can serve as your template for your actual tasks. Now here’s the rub. I haven’t found a way to setup certain things like “custom fields” inside sub-tasks. But you can set it as a task, and then when you move it to a sub-task it remember’s the custom fields.

So the next step would be to setup up all your tasks in the project as normal. Once you are done, then you can move them one-by-one into your template task. You have to drag the task down to the line just above the event tracking notes… if you aren’t sure where this is, then just focus on the task that will hold your sub-tasks, and add a sub-task, that will show you where you have to drag and drop the tasks.

Once you have them all moved to the sub-task area of the main task (again, I would call this your Task Template), then you can copy that task, and it will copy all the sub-tasks with it.

You should make sure your task template (and the sub-tasks in it) don’t have due dates or assignees set. Otherwise, that will show up as to-dos for people. Before you make the first project, make a copy of your task template, so you will have 2 tasks (both with sub-tasks) in your project. Name one the actual project name, and then when you need to create a 2nd or 3rd project, just make sure you copy the task template first, so you always have a clean copy to start a new project.

The downside of this, is as sub-tasks, I haven’t found that they will show up in the calendar or timeline. So if you need those to show up in the timeline, then when those projects are active, you can move the tasks back to the main task area (away from the sub-task area) and you will see them in the project calendar and timeline. But that will also co-mingle tasks and projects, so I’m not sure if that’s the best way.

I’m still evaluating Asana, so I’m not sure this is the best workflow, it’s just something I was playing with, and it seemed similar to what you were asking.

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Thanks for the feedback and input, @Brian_Fanelli. And thanks for the workaround suggestion, @Francesco_Alessi.

Brian- you can try Francesco’s solution, and you can also add your input to the existing Product Feedback thread around template tasks here: Custom Task Templates - #8 by Tara_Mele

Thank you!

To get sub-tasks to show in the timeline you need to “add them to the project” this will not convert them into main tasks (they will remain subtasks under the parent task" but they will show up in the list and on the timeline. Instructions HERE It is a pain to have to add each subtask to a project but worth it for best timeline functionality.

I have also created a “task level” custom field so I can label “main” tasks & “sub” tasks to make it less confusing for my team.