Template for sections of a project


Hi I am wanting to create a template for a section of a project. For example:

New Video:
Task 1 (with all sub tasks)
Task 2 (with all sub tasks)
Task 3 (with all sub tasks)

Is there a quick and easy way to copy all of the information above? Or can I create a template that we can input into a project when we have a new video to create.




One solution … but maybe not so quick and not so easy …

  1. You create a “Template project” with the tasks and subtaks
  2. When needed you copy the “Template project” and in the pop up window you select that you want to keep the tasks and subtasks
  3. In the copy project, you select all the sections/tasks and associate them to the project in which you want to add the tasks
  4. Once done, you enter the final project and desassociate the tasks from the copy project, and you delete the copy project

That should work … but I’m interested if someone has a quicker/easier solution.