Checklist/Subtask Template

Our tasks come in through forms and it would be great to be able to apply subtask checklist templates to a task. Currently we add a new task to project using one of the many task templates and we merge it as a duplicate to the tasks that comes in through forms to apply the subtasks we need for a particular type of task. We use subtasks as sort of a checklist.

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Have you considered using rules for this? Rules allow you to create subtasks (or even separate tasks if needed)

So as a trigger you can say all tasks created by a rule automatically get all the subtasks added. Or you can create a trigger combination (for example all tasks created by the rule that are assigned to Person XYZ in section A.

Otherwise you can also have a look at Flowsana and set it up via “Add subtasks from a template” rule action

Hi Andrea! Thank you for the information. While the subtask automation is great, it is limited in terms of our use case as we have a variety of tasks coming in through 1 form submission. We were hoping for something native to Asana and not through an add-on tool as security is very important for our line of business (financial services). It does sounds like “add subtasks from a template” is exactly what we’re looking for.

Ensure that you have various things in the form so you can automate the correct subtasks being added via the rule based on specific triggers.
So for example in the form you might have a single-select custom field to select a category or month or something else, then you can have this as a trigger as well for the rule.
So if “January” is selected in this single-select field + the task is created via the form then the rule will trigger subtasks B, C, D being added.

You can set up various combinations

Understood. Our forms have about 150 questions and not all of those are custom fields. We use a lot of check boxes to generate additional intake questions. I didn’t see a way to trigger subtasks based on check boxes selected.

Hi, On a similar note, is it possible for asana to add a drop down to the add subtask menu to allow selection from a template?