Is there a way to have rules automatically generate subtasks?

I’m trying to create form for developers to request production releases for our web application. On the form is submitted and a task generated I trying to use rules to achieve the following:

Add collaborators (this is easy)
Create pre-defined subtasks within the task (I’m not seeing a way to do this)

Seems like my use case isn’t supported. Am I missing something? We currently use a template task that we duplicate, rename and assign target date but this process is a bit clunky.


Hi @Adam1,

No, you’re not missing anything - there’s not a way to automate that in Asana itself.

However, it’s definitely possible via my Flowsana integration, which has a “Copy subtasks from a template” rule action. You can see more about that here:

In fact, your specific use case - triggering subtasks to be added to a new task that’s created from a Form submission - is quite a popular usage of the “Copy subtasks” rule action.


Hi Phil,

I’m really interested in the “Copy subtasks from a template” rule, and I have just subscribed to your service.
Quick background on my workflow;
Every new business enquiry goes into a “new enquiries” project within the sales team, they may arrive there by email, form, or be typed in. Once a fee quote has been accepted, I then “Convert task to project” and put it in my “Active Projects” team.
A lot of tasks will be the same in the various project types we do, so being able to put template tasks in would be great! I’ve tried template projects, but that doesn’t work if you’re converting tasks to projects.
Does your service offer the ability to add subtasks to any project in team without first creating the rule in each project or duplicating it manually?

No, unfortunately not. The task to which the subtasks get added has to be the target of the rule, which means it has to be in a project where the rule is applied.

One alternate approach I can think of:
Instead of using “Convert task to project”, add a rule to the “New Enquiries” project - the trigger would be adding a tag or setting a custom field to some value, and the action would be “Create a new project from a template”.

That way, when it was appropriate to turn an enquiry into a project, you would just add the tag or set the custom field. Flowsana would create the new project for you automatically (you can have the name of the enquiry task as all or part of the project name), from a template that would consist of those common tasks. (You could even have multiple “Create project rules”, each creating from a different template, if you wanted to have multiple sets of template tasks.)

Additionally, if you add Flowsana rules to the template, then those rules get duplicated into the new project. So on top of all of the above, you could also have “Create subtask” rules be part of the projects. (You might not even need “Create subtask” rules using the above approach but you could!)

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Hello @Adam1

creating subtasks via rules is now available: Allow Rules for Subtasks - #72 :smiley:

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