Blog Template with Automatic Subtasks

Hi! I’m interested in automatically adding a list of subtasks to every task in a project. For each blog post, we want our writers to go through a list of subtasks. Right now, we have a template that we have to clone. However, is it possible to just set every card on the board to have the same subtasks? Also curious to learn how others templatize their work, especially for editorial calendars. Attached is a screenshot.

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What you kinda need is task template then, don’t you? You can upvote Custom Task Templates

At the moment, duplicating a template task seems to be the only way. Maybe you could setup a Zapier zap to do this, but not sure Zapier is able to create subtasks. @Phil_Seeman does Flowsana plan on dealing with the “add subtasks IF task created”?

OK, I’ve been holding off on saying anything because it’s not written yet and I might hit some snag, but since you’ve asked directly :wink:… Yes, in fact I’m planning on adding that exact rule to Flowsana hopefully in the next few weeks. Stay tuned!


Hell yeah :rocket:

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You can add subtasks with Zapier. I’ve tweaked this to add subtasks to Asana.


Hi @Allison_Tetreault,

auto-creating sub tasks and sub task sections is a build-in feature of our all new Asana add-on Ninjana. You will find more information here:

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@Allison_Tetreault @Bastien_Siebman, as promised, this capability to auto-create subtasks from a template has been added to Flowsana - see this forum post.


I think I would go together with the BOARD mentioning, Content Ideas, Drafting, In Review and Published. This offers a chook eyes view of which article is at which stage.