Automatically creating subtasks from emails in CRM project (using Asana, Gmail + Zapier)



Hey everyone. I’d like to share something pretty cool I set up for a client recently:

The client is setting up a CRM project in Asana and uses tasks to track each prospect. They approached me asking how they could ensure that emails sent to the client could be automatically added to the client task as a subtask (rather than forwarding to and manually adding to a task). With some Asana and Zapier magic I was able to achieve this for the client.

How this works:

  1. In Zapier, set up a trigger where the zap runs when an email is sent to a special Zapier email address.
  2. This email address can be included in the Bcc field (or if you use Yesware in Gmail, you can auto-Bcc this address) when emailing clients.
  3. Zapier then uses the “To Name” of the email to set up a new task in the CRM project. Or, if a task with this name already exists, it’ll update the existing task with a subtask, rather than creating a whole new task.
  4. After Zapier has identified the parent task, it’ll create a new subtask in the parent and will name it with the date and email subject e.g. (2017-07-21 Re: Meeting tomorrow). The body of the email with popular the description.
  5. And that’s it. Any new emails sent to the client can be added to the existing parent task so that you build up a nice history of emails that have been sent to the client.

To take this a step further, I set up a second zap to attach emails received from the client to the same task. It works mostly the same way - Zapier looks at emails received in Gmail and if the “From Name” matches an existing task in the CRM project, it’ll add the email as a subtask to that task.

Please let me know if you have any more questions. If you’re interested in improving your use of Asana further or want to discuss team training, please feel free to book a free 30-minute introductory call with me to discuss consulting options.

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Very cool, thanks for sharing!


That’s great! Thanks for the advice. I will try to implement something similar for our company - so I might get back to you for questions :wink:


For sure, good luck @Tom_Suberg


Good work Paul, thanks for sharing


Thank you for sharing this!