Email Automation When Task Closed

Has anyone figured out a way to send automatic emails when a task is marked as complete?

For instance, it would be great to have a custom email go out to customers telling them production was just completed or other similar stages. I did some research and I wasn’t sure how this would be possible even through a third-party automation app. I am curious if anyone has figured out a solution!

Hi @Micah_Mills, thanks for reaching out! I believe you can achieve this using Zapier. There is a trigger for the Gmail integration: “Send Gmail emails for new completed tasks in Asana”

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

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Thanks, Emily! I was hoping to find a way to send emails from a marketing platform, so they could be branded and designed. Do you know if Gmail is the only integration? I couldn’t find anything from looking myself.

Zapier has a ton of integration. I personally integrated Asana with Mailjet, not sure if you can use a mail template though.