Notify Non-Asana People By Email on Task Completion

Guys, is there a way to automatically notify someone (via email) NOT on Asana on task completion? Ideally/if possible - several people.

Here’s my use case. My line manager is not (and never will be) on Asana / doesn’t care enough to make an effort to go register, etc. He just does not want an extra tool / extra complexity in his work life, which I understand and that’s fine by me.

However, what I’d love to do is to be able to add him for certain tasks as someone to be notified vie automated email when those tasks are completed. An ideal workflow would be: he delegates a task, I create it for myself in Asana, add him as a “to be notified” person, and as soon as I mark that task complete - he gets an automated email notifying about this.

And this use case is not specific to my boss. I have tens of people at work who will not go through the hassle of registering in Asana because we only cooperate occasionally (e.g. ad-hoc tasks/projects) = they see no value in registering in yet another online tool. So what I’d love to have is a way to keep those people notified without “forcing” them to do anything = all actions are done by me, and all I need is a person’s email.

I don’t know if that makes any sense, but I’ve been looking for this in other task management tools and everywhere users are “forced” to register. So only people who regularly use such tools go through the hassle of doing it. Everyone else just waves off such things.

Hi @R111, thanks for reaching out! this is currently not possible within Asana but I see there are some integrations with Zapier that can help you here:

Please note that we didn’t develop these integrations.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you, Emily! I did think about integrations, but issue there is that the process can either be done in a one-fits-all way - e.g. notification to be sent to specific people for ALL tasks - which is not what my use case is about. Or, if I want to do it on a case-by-case basis - I expect it turns into a complicated process.

I hope it might get implemented at some point :]