Auto email notification to someone outside project team once task is marked complete

Is there a way to set up a project so that when task are marked complete a notification will be send to someone outside the project team? Example: A client as me to create a new design for them. Out team will an Asana task to manage to move the request through several cross functional internal teams. Once the task is complete we would like to have Asana automatically notify the client once the task is marked complete.


@Phil_Seeman do you intend to have such features in Flowsana? Otherwise I guess you can do it in Zapier, not sure how though :sweat_smile:.

Hi @Robert.skelton,

This capability isn’t available within Asana itself.

I will likely add the ability to send email as a Flowsana feature in the future; it’s not in the current beta.

You could do this using Zapier. For sending the email, you’d either have to use their own email sending capability in which the email comes from, or you’d need to set up an account at one of the transactional mail services they support; here is a list of those.