Send an e-mail when a task is completed to mac os mail

might be a stupid question but here it is.

I still need to send an e-mail when i complete a task (with title, and description) to my colleagues bunch of adresses…that still want/need to check they mail on Mac OS or Outlook.

wondering if I can somehow automate this very annoying part of copy paste a completed task and send an mail.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @adrian_blanaru,

You could accomplish that using Zapier; see this forum post for more info:

Thank you @Phil_Seeman I’ll have a look into zapier, wondering if I can use no extra apps just my native mail and some python skills plus asana api.

Thank you !

Ah, well, yes, if you want to code something yourself, that type of thing is definitely possible! You can know via the API when a task is marked complete and then take whatever action you code, such as sending an email. You can use either events or webhooks to know when a task changes.

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