A Trigger from a sub task



Hi Asana pro’s (I feel like the “how to Asana” lady when I say that)

Is there a way to use an already established mix of apps on Zapier to trigger an action when a subtask is completed or not completed?


When you say "use an already established mix of apps on Zapier " you mean existing zaps you can copy?
You want the action triggered when any subtask is completed?
About the “not completed” you need the action after a given amount of time without completion?


You are everywhere @Bastien_Siebman!

Yes to all of the above except the last point.


I must be bored :sweat_smile:
Then how can you trigger an action on a “not completed” status? I don’t see how this would work.
I am curious about the action you want to trigger on any subtask being completed in your Asana… Wouldn’t that be overwhelming?


It has multi uses:

  1. When the start of each task (1st subtask) is completed a trigger will send an email to my client letting them know that our work is underway.

  2. When certain subtasks are completed, the task will be moved to another section (Section Zap is being built now) and the parent task completed also.


I really just want my team to focus on the tasks at hand and not be thinking about board movements.

  1. When a sub task is completed it will change the later to today for the next subtask which will act like a dependency.


@Marc a few years back you worked around the idea of connecting Asana and emails if I remember well, do you have any input for @Cataloguing?

  1. if the client is a follower he will get a notification, would that work?
  2. ok great
  3. maybe Zapier can do this but that sounds rather complicated…

  1. Client does not have access to the Asana and I don’t really want them to follow every minor team task.
  2. :slight_smile:
  3. The whole team gets emails and tasks to complete as soon as all the subtasks are created. It makes sense that they would only get them after the step before it is completed. Much like the sections, dependencies are great, just another non-automatable field though that I would like my team not to have to deal with.

  1. They would be Guest only on a subtask, but indeed you should not comment on it ^^
  2. There is now task dependencies, maybe that can help being notified when subtasks are checked, but you would need to act manually on the next subtask… I don’t have any other idea…


Cool, I can work with that.

Administration is the killer of productivity - I’m trying to remove so I can keep the team focused on what matters.

Cheers for your input, great council @Bastien_Siebman


I am sure others from the community may have other great ideas, let’s wait.


SO, I touched base with my Dev and it appears there isn’t even an API to see the subtask event occur.

“Asana API doesn’t have that option at all. You can create subtasks, you can even “get” subtasks for a certain task, but you cannot get subtask events”


If you are able to detect a task being completed, you should be able to do the same with a subtask (that is a task with a parent task). You could also have a look at the webhooks, attach a webhook to each subtask and make it trigger a custom made script that will send an email to your client. I have all the webhook code available if needed (in PHP).


Ok, so the PHP code you have only act’s as a trigger? I’d be really interested if this was the case as I’ve got a few uses for it.

If it creates emails I think I’m good for that at the time being.


I have the code to create a webhook and the code to answer to webhook callbacks from Asana.


I have no experience with webhooks sorry. It sounds like you have something though that will work. :slight_smile:

How would you like to proceed?


I am contacting you by private message


Hey folks, subtasks are indeed quite hard to deal with in the Asana API. To listen for subtask events, the best I know is to use the Event API, which has events for subtask updates on a project level.