Having a custom "Subtask" automatically appear on all "New Tasks" started in a Project?

We have a Project titled “Prospective Jobs”. All of our jobs begin there as a “New Task”. I need to have a subtask (or perhaps several subtasks) that automatically populate within every single “New Task”.

Basically those subtasks are going to tasks to order material, etc. and will be assigned to the appropriate person and given a due date at the appropriate time.

I KNOW we can do this by putting a template “Task” within the “Prospective Jobs” Project and having the team “Duplicate Task” for all new tasks, but there’s too much room for error there checking the wrong options when duplicating the task, or accidentally modifying the Task template.

Is there a way of setting one specific Project such that anytime someone clicks “New Task”, that new task auto-populates with a predetermined Subtask titled “Order Materials” and a predetermined text body?

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Hi @Matt5 not within Asana itself using Zapier one of the community members got something similar working maybe see if this helps. Am on my mobile so can’t find the post will have a better look when in he office…



Hi @Matt5 This is the post I was thinking of.

But on rereading it might not work for you as it is talking about creating Tasks rather sub tasks.



Hi @Matt5 :wave:t3:

This is probably something you could via the API too! More info about our API :point_right: Build an app with Asana


@Jason_Woods & @Matt5 - Zapier does have rules available for subtasks.

I imagine the best means of implementing would be (Asana → Asana connection, of course):

  • Set the Trigger to Asana > New Task in Project , there you specify the Project to monitor
  • Set the Action to Asana > Create Subtask , there you can add your title and body text (body text is called Notes in Zapier)

What I’m unsure of is how long the delay will be from when the New Task is created until the Subtask is available. Normally I see around 1-2 minutes which isn’t long for connecting different systems, but that may seem like a long time for someone that has created a Task and is on standby waiting for a Subtask to load.