Certain subtask created via Zapier should automatically be added to another project

I have 2 projects which look like this;

Project A
1. Parent task 1
1.1 subtask 1
1.2 subtask 2
1.3 subtask 3
2. Parent task 2

3. Parent task n

Project B
Parent task 1 (= “subtask 2” from “Parent task 1” in project A)
Parent task 2 (=“subtask 2” from “Parent task 2” in project A)

Parent task n (=“subtask 2” from “Parent task n” in project A)

This means all “subtask 2” 's are subtasks in project A while they are parent tasks in project B. This works manually through assigning the “subtask 2” to project B, however I would like this to be done automatically every time a new Parent task and its subtasks is created in project A. How can I do this?

(manually I found it via this guide: Help with Asana subtasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide)

Right now people book in our calendly, and then via Zapier automatically, a task (example “Parent task 1”) is added in project A together with a list of subtasks (example subtask 1, subtask 2, …, subtask n).

Should the automatic project association be done via Zapier, and if so can this be done? If not, can I do it as a rule in Asana?

As a side problem: Ideally this “subtask 2” should get its own subtasks once it’s added to project B. Is this possible? (since it’s just become a parent task now)

Btw the title is not correct, I pressed post too early, but I can’t find how to edit the title, so sorry about that!

Hi @PompousCat and welcome to the forum,

(FYI I edited the name of your post; hopefully that’s approx. what you were wanting to put.)

It can’t be done with an Asana rule, as Asana rules don’t run on subtasks.

Two suggestions I have:

You could do it in Zapier. However, if you’re using the “Create subtasks in Asana” action as I’m guessing you are, that action doesn’t support assigning a project I don’t think. You could do it by using Zapier webhooks (which is basically a lower-level way of doing something). That’s more complicated than using a regular action but should work. You can find some info on writing to Asana via Zapier webhooks in the #forum-en:api section of the forum here, for example: Automatically create tags from external integration

Another option is to use our Flowsana integration, as our rules can be set to apply to subtasks. Basically, in Project A you would create a rule of “When a new task is added, Add it to Project B” and you would set that rule to run for Subtasks only. That would do what you’re wanting, it seems.

Thank you for editing the title!

OK I see Flowsana could offer this functionality.

“Basically, in Project A you would create a rule of “When a new task is added, Add it to Project B” and you would set that rule to run for Subtasks only. That would do what you’re wanting, it seems.”

Does this mean it would add all new subtasks to the other project, or could I make it so that it only adds a specific subtask. Because I only want 1 of the subtasks to be added to the other project, not the other ones.

Thank you

The trigger condition I described would add all subtasks. To only add one, you’d need an alternate trigger condition that uniquely identifies that subtask - if it always has the same name, perhaps you could use "If the task’s name contains the word or phrase _____ ".

ok thanks, I’ll try to play around with it today

OK so I’ve tried it as you described it and also marked “handling subtasks” but flowsana brings the entire parent task with all subtasks to the other project instead of just the one subtask I need it to multi-home :frowning:

OK so I solved it! The problem was, there was a rule active in asana that was always moving the parent task so deleted that rule. Then I did the new rule via flowsana with the condition that this subtask needs to be assigned to someone and market subtasks and now it works!


Excellent, glad you solved it!

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