Automatically create tags from external integration

Hello all, I am not sure in which category I can ask questions, but lets say that this one is the closes to our needs.

I am looking for a solution to either one or both of the following issues:

  1. I want to be able to automatically create tags in Asana, via an external integration
  • Zapier does not support that
  • does not support that
  • I am in contact with Flowsana, have not heard back just yet
  • Any other suggestions for user friendly integrations / ways (no code)
  • Anyone who can do that with code - you will need to do that for over 30 projects
    All of them can add a tag, but it has to already exist in the system, they cannot create it.
  1. If there is no solution to question 1 - is there a solution that I can bulk create tags lets say from a CSV? Once I create all the tags I need in the system I can use them with Zapier.

What we are trying to solve?
I have a Project which tracks offers we have given out. I want an automation that can create a unique number for each offer and append it as a tag. Currently I can use Zapier + Sheets to create unique numbers and append them as part of the name of the task. But I want it as tag, because I have a separate project where I track contracts. Each contract also has an unique number, but I want to add the tag to the offer to which the contract is connected which is best done via tags.

Thank you for the help and support!

Hi @IvanStaykov, thanks for reaching out!

@Phil_Seeman maybe you can help us here. Is this possible with Flowsana?

Ivan, in the meantime you can see more information about this integration in this thread: Flowsana: workflow automation for your Asana projects

Hi @IvanStaykov (and @Emily_Roman),

Flowsana has a lot of great features but alas what you’re asking for is not among them.

HOWEVER, you can actually accomplish what you want with Zapier (it does require a paid Zapier plan). It builds on the earlier Zap I made to create unique numbers via Google Sheets.

I’ll assume from this you’re already using my earlier Zap mentioned above. If not, here is that Zap which adds a unique number to a Google Sheet:

From there, I wrote a new Zap that has two actions: first, it creates a new tag which has the name of the unique number created in the first Zap; second, it adds that new tag to the task which initiated the whole sequence. Here’s that Zap:

To use that second Zap, make sure you enter the gid for your workspace where it says “[Your workspace gid goes here]” and enter your Personal Access Token in the two places where it says “[your Personal Access Token goes here]”.


@Phil_Seeman my friend you were just added to the honorary list of members in our small company. It works like a charm and you just save me a lot of manual work! Thank you!!!


@Phil_Seeman I don’t remember: did we discuss adding your zaps to my list on ?

@Bastien_Siebman absolutely I agree they should be there. I think I just have two complex zaps that I’ve posted here in the forum.

Do I need to do anything to get them on your list? :slight_smile: