Zap Tag creation


Hi Asana pros,

When I create a task via Zapier I’m having a hard time getting a tag to create with a senders email address from Gmail.

The error message I’m getting is Sent to Asana “Create Task” failed: tags: [0]: Not a recognized ID:

Could anyone give me any insight into what I’m doing wrong?


The reason is that I need the client’s email address on the task so that I can use it to send a completed email back to my client when done.


Can you share your Zap configuration?


I’m noobing my way through on the share, is the below the way to do it or were you talking a screenshot?

Zapier link



So you want to create a task with a tag and assign it to an email?


Yes, but the tag is not created yet in Asana.


So, Zapier said that they cannot create a tag unless the tag already exists:

“Sorry about that error you’re seeing. It looks like Asana would need a Tag ID to be present there for creating a new task with the tag. It doesn’t seem possible currently to dynamically add tags that are not already present on your account.”

My question now is, can you recommend anyone to write this code for me?


I might know what is happening. You cannot at the moment with the API create a task and a tag at the same time. You need to create a task, create a tag, and then attach the tag to the task. See


Ok, looks like I’m off to hire a Dev then to build it. Can you recommend any fairly priced Devs to do the work?


I don’t but I am sure people from the Community might. @Diakoptis for example?


Heya! Do you have a premium account? If so I would just recommend using a custom field for this instead of creating a new tag.


Hello @Cataloguing,

Welcome at Asana Community.

@Bastien_Siebman is right.

  1. Zapier first have to create the tag (there is api support for this)
  2. and after to create the new task and add the created task id.

I am not using Zapier so I am not sure if it can handle this flow. You can ask them.

Another solution could be to use a new text custom field in the project to set the email you want and let zapier to create a new task setting the specific custom field with this email.

What do you think?



whoops .ginx!


Thanks for replying. I looked at that, paying for 5 licences when all I
needed was 3 was not attractive. I hate paying for stuff that I’m not using.


Great response, I appreciate it. I’ve already engaged a Dev to complete the
work. I looked at the possibility of going premium but paying for 5
licences when I ask required was 3 put me off.


If he needs any help using the asana api feel free to ask :slight_smile:


You’re a good person, many thanks @Diakoptis


wow. This comment was priceless. You are a good person too @Cataloguing. Thank you for your kind words :unicorn:


Same as @Diakoptis I am available if you need help with the API, and I can help your developer as well.