Automate adding tags to tasks

Does anyone know if it is possible to automate applying a tag to tasks in a specific project using a service like Zapier or IFTTT?

You may well be able to use Zapier, depending on the condition under which you want to apply the tag. Can you provide some more detail as to what you’re wanting to accomplish?

I also just added If-Then Rule automation to my Flowsana integration - you can see more about that here:

If you give some more info on your goal, I can provide some additional guidance on these options (obviously I’m biased but I’ll be honest!).

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Essentially what I want to do is have a rule/automation/system where;

  1. If a task is added to or created in Project X
  2. Then tag Y is applied to that task

So as an example if a task is added to our Opportunities Project then the Business Development tag is applied to that task.

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You could accomplish that using either Zapier or the Flowsana integration I’ve created. Both support applying a specified tag to a task when the task is added to a particular project.

Each has its advantages and disadvantages. For example, at present Flowsana doesn’t support handing subtasks while Zapier does (though I’ll likely add that capability in the future). In contrast, Flowsana knows about and can work with custom fields, while Zapier doesn’t know anything about custom fields.

In my (biased) opinion, it’s much easier to create a rule in Flowsana than it is in Zapier; one of my design goals for Flowsana was to make it quicker and simpler to build a rule than Zapier requires. :slight_smile:

Since I’m discussing a product comparison, I realized I should also mention that while If-Then rules are the sole thing that Zapier does, If-Then rules are only one element of Flowsana’s automation capabilities.


Thanks for your help Phil. Where can I look at Flowsana? I clicked the link but it just took me to another thread.

Hi @Nathaniel_Cassidy,

Flowsana is still in beta so there’s no public website for it quite yet. You can look at it by filling out this form; after that I’ll send you an email with info on how to access it. Thanks for your interest!

@Nathaniel_Cassidy cc @Phil_Seeman
In case you’re still interested in this, Flowsana is out of Beta now