Automating tags based on comments

I am trying to write a rule that is triggered when a comment is added to a task containing a specific phrase, a specific tag will be added to that task. Is there a way to do this? I have tried in Zapier and Flowsana with no success so far.

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Hi @Kaitlyn_Bryant , welcome to the forum :wave:

Perhaps @Phil_Seeman (creator of can help confirm this for you but I have a feeling it currently supports words contained within the task title or description, i.e. not words within comments. Phil, please correct me if I’m wrong!

You’re correct re. Flowsana, @Richard_Sather - it can trigger a rule based on words in a task name or description, but not in a comment.

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Thanks Phil!

@Kaitlyn_Bryant , I haven’t tried Zapier but I think that would be more likely capable of this, although you may find the learning curve a bit steeper since this is a more complex automation. But it’s a great 3-rd party app and I find it very pleasing to visually code.

Hi @Michaela_S could you help confirm if Make would be capable of such an automation using ‘Stories’?

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