Standard Project Tasks if Asana is connected with Pipedrive

Hi all,

I connected Asana with Pipedrive (both trial versions) and I managed that a project is automatically is created as soon a deal in Pipedrive is set to “won”.

I was wondering though if this project can by default include already pre-set/standard tasks (like in a template)?

Thank you so much for your kind support.

BR Tobi

Our expert on Pipedrive is @paulminors :muscle:

Hi @Tobias_Grabler you can’t program that in Pipedrive, however, you could use Zapier to auto-create subtasks on a parent task.

To make this work, you’d need to set up a new task when a deal is won (not a new project). Then have Zapier set to watch that project and populate any new tasks with your list of subtasks.

Are you familiar with Zapier, or do you need some assistance?