Asana Form to Kick off templatized task list with sub tasks

I created an Asana form and my goal is that once it is filled out, it will create a task with pre-generated subtasks. Is this functionality possible? As of now, once the from is completed it automatically generated its own new task. Is there a way to create a rule that the task generated will include specific sub tasks I have already setup as a template within the project?

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The only way at the moment is to custom code it with automation (like Zapier) or use Flowsana that has this builtin feature cc @Phil_Seeman the founder!

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Hi @Mhairi_Turnbull,

As @Bastien_Siebman mentions, our Flowsana integration, which has If-Then rules as one of its types of automations, has a rule action to add subtasks from a template that you build. It also has a rule trigger condition when a new form is submitted. So you can build a rule like, for example, “When a new form is submitted, add subtasks from the “employee onboarding” template”.

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