Automating task and sub-task creation and assignment?

Has anyone found a way to trigger the copying of a templated task and it’s subtask once a task request is submitted (via form, email , carrier pigeon or otherwise?)

We’re currently using Asana for email(s) creation request to the marketing ops team. Each of these email types are a task (not a project)

for example
an event /webinar type task would have the following subtasks -3 email copy, segment, approval, creative - Image
Newsletter - 1 email copy

-nice to have: due dates based on start date or submission date ( depending on date submitted , within 3 days copy is due (workflow rules)

or is there an auto- assignment upon task creation?

If you’re using a third party tool, I’d love to hear about it too!


There is no way to set up this automation in Asana currently, and I would recommend setting this up through 3rd-party automation tools such as, IFTTT, or Zapier. You can see more information on the integration here.

You could also explore setting this up on your own through the API, and there is documentation on working with the API here.

Is there a way that when a form is submitted, it could also have sub tasks autopopulate? That would be AWESOME. Don’t want to have to copy and paste sub tasks for every form submission and/or re create the same ones every time.

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Not in native Asana. You can do it with a Flowsana If-Then rule, though (it’s actually one of the more popular uses of Flowsana rules); here’s an example:

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Thank you so much!

+1 for Flowsana, it adds most things missing in Asana > Asana automations