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I was wondering if there has been any update on a previous topic. Is there a way to automate task and sub-task creation from incoming email requests? Or is there a way to have forms submitted directly into Asana that will create these tasks?

I work in marketing for a university, and we are hoping to streamline inputting tasks, assigning, and documenting task progress. I have a project set up for incoming requests, but I would love to have a streamlined process.

Thank you in advance!

Hi @Kathryn_Voorneveld , welcome to the forum :wave:

Yes, everything you describe can be done using native Rules in Asana, as long as you are on a paid plan. Forms can also be created directly in Asana and rules can be triggered based on those forms’ submissions. Similarly, the ‘when tasks are added’ trigger can be used when tasks are added to a project via email.

And there is conditional branching within rules now that also helps creating workflows in Asana.
In turn, any of the above mentioned triggers can be used to action the creation of tasks, subtasks and approvals amongst a long list of possible actions, either natively or using external apps.

An easy start would be just to create a Project, select Customize, and add a simple Form with 1 or 2 questions. Save it, then use the form URL to make some submissions. You’ll see that each submission becomes a Task in the Project where the Form resides, and the answers can be mapped to existing Fields, or new Custom Fields that you create.

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