Using Asana for External communication

Hi, we’re in the process of configuring Asana to manage incoming user requests.

  1. Is there a method to receive emails from non-Asana users and convert them into tasks?
  2. Can these emails be automatically routed to a specific project based on the sender’s domain?
  3. Is it possible to manage all task-related communication through email?


Hi @Oded_Ben-Dori ,

  1. Yes, in your form settings, make sure to set your form to ‘Anyone can access’

  2. Not clear on which emails you mean. A form built using Asana, once submitted, will create a single task in an Asana project which can automatically trigger rules based on certain conditions. However, the rule you are looking for is not natively available in Asana but instead available using a 3rd-party integration called, which has a trigger 'if task name or description contains X word (i.e. your sender’s domain), then ‘add to project X’.

  3. This depends - ideally, if the submitter is added as a collaborator then all communication could be done in Asana, as well as replying to an email notification from Asana. Otherwise you would need to look at integrations or other External rule actions such as ‘Send email’ using Gmail or Flowsana (which can also include variables, see here)

Cc @Phil_Seeman

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Hi Richard,

I appreciate the thorough response. The problem we’re encountering with Forms is their lack of compatibility with RTL (right-to-left) languages. This is why I require the capability for any guest to send emails instead.

Now, I require the tasks generated by emails to function exactly as if they were generated using a form. This entails having my guests send emails to a specific project and subsequently being able to shift those tasks to another project based on the sender’s domain.

Any thoughts?