Email Sending and receving capability for the tasks

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we are looking in to the use case where we can send and receive the emails to outside the organization from the asana dashboard/system for the specific tasks .

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Could you please elaborate a little bit more on what you mean or give us some example? I’ll be more than happy to help.

In the meantime I’m sharing some handy articles that might help you with what you are looking for:

Looking forward to your reply! Have a great Thursday!

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I would be interested in hearing more. I have been considering creating an API Integration that would allow you send an email to tagged addresses when post a comment in Asana

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Hi @Natalia,
Thanks for sharing the links. but it doesn’t seems to fulfill the requirements.

Summary : I was thinking the use case: Asana as CRM and Project management System both with the communication to the peoples outside the organization through email.

Description : users or internal users will be assigned for the tasks in the system following which they need to do the communication to the peoples outside the organization , and they should be able to do the communication/email from the system itself and receive the reply in the same trailing email communication for the particular task.
so when review of the task is going on all the pieces are at same place. there will be no need of the user/individual to describe in verbally.
This also works well for the Remote Teams or teams with multiple locations

Expected Output : capability of sending and receiving email to and from the outside.


Hi @sacredabhishek and thank you so much for the additional information.

As it stands, this is not possible in Asana at the moment but I agree that the capability of sending and receiving email to and from the outside would be very useful.

We have a thread regarding this topic on the #productfeedback category. If you haven’t yet, feel free to add your vote and comment to the main thread: Mailbox integrated to Asana to communicate with external users.

I hope you have a nice day!