Email to specific task on Asana


i wanted to know if their is an option of sending an email to specific TASK not Project
the idea is
if i have a task which i want to update via email can i send email and it will be added as a comment ?
im working with adding Tasks via email but i want to Comment on existing tasks with emails

anyone know how should i do that?

Thanks a lot


Hey @Shai_Shapira,

Great question! This would be an awesome feature for us to add but unfortunately this doesn’t exist at the moment.

I can certainly understand how emailing to a specific task could be a valuable feature for you and possibly our other users.

I have made a note of your suggestion and we will take it into account as we continue to improve Asana.

In the meantime, you can learn more about Emailing to Asana here: Turning emails into Asana tasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide

Have a great day!


I’m not exactly sure if this will work, but I think a workaround might be just replying to the task’s email notification.

For example, if I assign you a task and you have email notifications turned on, if you reply to that email, your response will get added a comment within that task.


Hi Shia,

we also think, that this where a great implementation - such an email to a specific task, would become a “subtask” in this task.
Hope this comes up nearly!


yes seems great!
hope they will apply it soon

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Well, that worked like a charm.


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I asked the same question and suggested a way of implementing this a the comment above. I wonder if it’s possible :thinking:


As the owner of Sendana-The Outlook Add-in To Asana this would definitely have to go through the API. Sendana is for Microsoft Outlook for Windows until I am able to develop the G-Mail version. OK, with that background I will tell you that every task has its own unique I.D so it is possible to draw out of the API, but almost by definition for the feature to work fast enough you probably would have to funnel the process just like we do now through Section:
So you can see as an organization gets bigger the lookup of a single task could get pretty in-depth. Obviously the hyperlinking in Asana shows that tasks names can be looked up, I just think looking up tasks to add emails to might prove to be a challenge by sure number, and I also am wondering out loud if a string of content within a task organization is going to be readily visible. If you happen to be an Outlook for Windows user I can get you to the “Section” level, from there you can keep as tasks within Sections or drag them over to a Task where they will automatically become a sub-task. The funneling we use provides rapid lookup through Organization-Team-Project-Section. Just food for thought.


You might take a look at this new blog post:

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Same… I want to be able to update and attach things to tasks via email. Very helpful for when a client emails files or info that needs to then be copied to a task.

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I would still lean to these emails being added as tasks and dragged into the task as a sub-task as it allows better labeling and a more organized Task versus scrolling through conversation for content or remembering each attachment that shows at the top of a task.


It’s an idea… but that isn’t very helpful with our workflow.

I have been using asana for a year now - this is one thing that bothers me a lot because of the way I work (I am email centric); as mentioned by others, if I create a task in asana, I have NO way to make a comment to it via email. This would be as simple as attaching an email address to each task (the same way you have email addresses used when users get email notifications from asana. Thanks very much.


I would heartily agree that would be an awesome feature, even if it was possible to drag/drop from your email client into an Asana task/subtask (anyone who’s used Things for Mac knows what I’m talking about - it is THE thing I miss most after moving to Asana!).

Workaround: Mail to PDF

First of all, I understand this is NOT what people are asking for, that’s why I called it a workaround. :wink:

I’m on a Mac. I use Apple Mail. I have Asana setup as a standalone app via Epichrome (which probably doesn’t matter for this workaround, I just like to plug Epichrome because it works so well! :-).

For emails I want to append to a task/subtask, I just select the email, hit Cmd+P to bring up Print and hit Shift+Cmd+P** to create a new email with the original email as a PDF attachment. From there I just drag the PDF to the Asana task and I have a single file with the COMPLETE email that I can easily pop open from Asana on any device. :slight_smile:

For attachments to the original email, I drag those to the Asana task separately (since this approach makes the ENTIRE email, and attachments, one PDF). Like I said, this is a ‘Workaround’ until some better feature gets added by Asana developers.

**Shift+Cmd+P: this is a custom keyboard shortcut for ‘Mail PDF’, which converts the entire email into a single PDF (multi-page if necessary).

  • System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts > App Shortcuts.
  • Click ‘+’ button > All Applications > Mail.
  • Menu Title: “Mail PDF”
  • Set whatever keyboard shortcut you want. I chose ‘Shift+Cmd+P’.

Hope that helps someone. :slight_smile:

Is there a version for Would be great

This email address we should be able to copy to clipboard from Task > … > ‘Copy email address’

This way we can CC to an existing task on emails that are flying around and not connected to any task.


I’m having the same issue. Most of these posts are a year old. It would seem that Asana would have addressed this in the software by now.

Because our work flow is identical from job to job, we use tasks as our projects. Easily posting emails to tasks is critical to efficiently having all related documents together. Emails could be posted to conversations with tasks, which makes the most sense to me as they are, by their very nature, conversations.


…and same here. Original message was almost one year ago. No solution in sight?

I came here hoping this was a option along with some other hopes. I was hoping to have the ability to email to a specific section. I love this idea because I actually categorise numerous tasks under sections and update the project autonomously. It would be great to be able to send items to sections without needing to manually move the tasks.
Speaking more on this thread subject, it would also be a nice feature when emailing the first email that creates the task to include a subtask identifier so a single task could be created with the various subtasks inside that need to finish in order to complete this task. Right now I list all that is needed in the description but it would be nice to have some markable tracking just to make sure everything gets done.
If the tasks have ID’s why is it not possible to email to them? We email a project id why not go a step further and be able to email the projectID/taskID and be able to generate nested tasks. This same concept should apply to Sections and being able to nest tasks inside sections. The Asana platform recognizes these sections but I do not see a specific id for them. It would be nice to have projectID/Section/ID/tastID available then we as users can update tasks via email on whatever we desired to be updated. It just makes sense and would follow similar structures like what I’ve seen in google drive for example.

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My Microsoft Outlook Addd-in for Windows allows task to be emailed to Sections and create sections on the fly. It however does not create subtasks or email to tasks.

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