Email to specific task on Asana


Nice thought, but it didn’t work for me.


Hi folks, we have an add-on that does this. We allow you to search through existing tasks, update the task or add comments and files to the existing task. You can find out more here:

Please DM me if you have any additional questions.


Hi Aj, I just wanted to say thank you for this. I couldn’t get the Mac shortcut to work for some reason, despite it showing that it has, but I’ve still been able to use the workaround. So useful :slight_smile:


You are welcome Ruby. :slight_smile:
I’m glad it was helpful. I’m surprised the ‘Forward’ keyboard shortcut didn’t work for you? Out of curiosity, in Mail, if you select a message, go under the ‘Message’ menu at the top of the screen, and you find the ‘Forward’ command, is there any symbols to the right of it?

The symbols should be there, representing Shift+Command+F. That’s default behavior. It can be modified in System Preferences > Keyboard > Shortcuts, but I’m guessing you didn’t do that. ;-)!

Hopefully the screenshot will help explain…!


Hi AJ. Yes, I get the symbols. I did go into the System Preferences>Keyboard>Shortcuts and it shows with your command of Shift+Cmd+P but it doesn’t work when I use that shortcut.

I can’t open your image :slight_smile:

Maybe I need more caffeine, that’s usually why things don’t make sense :coffee:


So there is the function to reply to a given task - wouldn’t it make sense to add to the three dots menu that email address from the start?
So I can forward all emails as comments to the task so everyone knows what was discussed with the client before hand and I can add that address to further discussion…

the function I refer to:

Turning email replies into comments

The email bridge also turns replies to emails from Asana into comments on tasks. If anyone on your team prefers to stay in email, this can be a great way to keep the conversation around your team’s tasks organized in Asana.

There are a couple of ways this works:

  • Assign a task to a teammate . When your teammate receives the task notification email, he or she can simply reply to it. The email bridge will automatically turn that reply into a comment on the task.
  • Comment on a task that has followers . The task’s followers will all receive an email with your comment. Any of them can reply to this message and the bridge will add their reply as a comment.

Thank you



Hi @Rodrigo! We already have a thread on this topic: Email to specific task on Asana so I have merged your post and would recommend to vote on the main thread! :slight_smile:


And any solution for that??


Not at the moment @Rodrigo but Sendana or the Asana add-on for Gmail could be helpful!



I have implemented a couple of outlook features to work towards this.

One: Install OutlookFileDrag
This lets you drag outlook message directly into Asana (Or other browser aplications.) Created by a Tony Federer.

Two: Created an outlook button that sends an email directly to
This will create a task under your my task. Just ensure you assign your email address to your profile.

I used the helpdesk macro below, change it for

I also added these lines to remove your signature.
MessageBody = objItem.Body

replacesign = “Your Signature test Here”
MessageBody = Replace(MessageBody, replacesign, “”)

Change this line
strbody = "#created by " & senderaddress & vbNewLine & vbNewLine & MessageBody


Helpdesk Macro


going back to the original request in this stream, having the ability to bcc an asana task where the email from outlook ended up as a comment would be huge. Its a common feature in CRMs and I think pretty limiting for asana users


Hi, any news re this topic? It seems quite a lot of people is being looking for the same feature for quite some time now.


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