Email to project creates a new task upon replying to email rather than chain it



Hi ,

I am using the Email to Project feature to auto generate task from an email
However, each activity on the original thread, creates another task, rather than chain it to the original task


I know of no way that Asana adds comments to an original task without being a notification sent by Asana as a result of your notification settings that is replied to.


My issue isn’t with the notification…
The task is re created again and again for each response to the original thread


What I am saying is there is no way that I know of to chain to the original task. I am assuming your chain is sending to the project address per which will indeed create a new task. There is no way for the chain to be sent as an email as a comment. Comments can only be added from replying to Asana generated notifications. This is to the best of my knowledge.