Attach Email to Task as comment


I am looking for a way to attach an Email to a task as a comment.
#Usacase is, that I often get E-Mails with information (and sometime attachments) which are important information for a task. I would like to share the EMail and the possible Attachments of the EMail with the people working on the task.



Hi Alex,

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, you can check out our integration here:



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@Alexander_Stendel, you can try Email to Task functionality with Asana! The email will convert to a Task in Asana and any attachments to the email will become Task attachments. Rather than a comment, the email itself will be an actionable item that you can organize (or drag to create a subtask of an ongoing Task). More here.

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@Sara that is nice functionality but doesn’t address his question. It would be useful to have the email attach to an existing task, not create a new one. When will Asana have this feature?


@James_Brown1 we don’t currently have that specific update on our timeline, though it is on our integrations team’s radar! Thank you for your feedback.


I’m looking for the same feature, because I’m in the same situations. I get images and content forwarded to me during the project timeline that I would like to send as a comment to an existing task. That way all of my resources are in one place, my Asana Project/Task.

I think it can be implemented, performing the same process as the email to task feature, which I love. The only difference is adding some type of flag or identifier to the first line that Asasa looks for to distinguish the email as “add as comment to existing task” and not “add new task.”

For example, the content below would be the body of the email. The #! would be the flag, and you would write the name of the task name you want the comment to append to in camelCase followed by another # (maybe to help for an easier search for the task name) and then followed by a break and a new line:



Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua. Ut enim ad minim venia

–End Example–

So yeah that’s my suggestion of how it could be implemented :sweat_smile: Check the image for clarification. In the To field, “Asana Private” is the email i used to create tasks via email. Subject field shows “My Task Name” which wouldbe the name of a new task normally, but in this case would mean “add to” the existing task, My Task Name, as a comment after Asana sees the flag in the body ( #!..#). I hope this is easy to follow.



I heartily agree. ‘Things’ for Mac has this feature (actually drag/drop emails right into task) and it is one of the features I use most. I agree that from a development standpoint, being able to add an email to an existing task is more difficult than just creating a new task (what task/project Mgmt app doesn’t already do that?), but a very worthwhile one considering how collaborative work usually gets done.


I have the same challenge. Should be easy to add to Asana plug-in for gmail.

Looks like Zapier can work, but you need to set the specific task/project. If anyone knows how to prompt for task/project in the Zap, pleaseshare here.


I just drag the email to my desktop from Outlook, then from desktop to Asana. Takes about 3 seconds, then delete from desktop.


A lot of us here could really use this as well. We use Asana to keep our internal team on track and in communication, but we still need to use email heavily when dealing with outside clients. The x@ function is great, but only when creating a new task. Often times we need to transfer a ton of attachments and text from outside email messages to our internal Asana group in the midst of completing a task.

We can just copy and paste the text, download all the attachments into a folder, then upload again, but it’s clunky, and if you’re needing to do it a lot, it really eats up time.

I love the flag idea from Los.


Todoist allows you when you use the plugin in Gmail to select specific parts of an email like a line of text and right click add that as a task which keeps its link to the original email. It’s not perfect because it doesn’t give you an option to specify a project so you have to manually sort it into the correct project or sub task. But the idea is there.

Our University uses Outlook, as do most others we communicate with. It seems there are a lot of plugins for Gmail, but I don’t see many larger corporations using Gmail. Is Microsoft difficult to develop for?

We at Stratelyze the developer of Sendana, are looking at a feature edition to post an email as a comment to a task or subtask. I have to work with my excellent developer @EricLegault the developer of dozens of add-ins to see what the UI would look like. We are thinking of a tab for posting to existing tasks. In the mean-time we have spent meticulous time on Sendana and it is very powerful.

For those of you that would like to post a comment to a task do you believe you should enter the Team and Project which you should recall to narrow the list versus searching the whole database. Thanks

So it is possible to email into a specific task. Here’s how…

When an email notification regarding a task is sent by Asana, replying to that email will include the body of the email as a comment. So if an email notification for that task exists, you can also copy the reply-address, and forward your other relevant email to that address, thereby attaching it as a comment.

There are a few downsides to this:

  1. It’s only possible for tasks where an email notification has been generated for that specific task, and that is dependent on the task, and your notification settings.

  2. It doesn’t include all of the info from the email, such as subject, recipients (which may be important to have recorded), or attachments

As a start, Asana could expose the email address for each task relatively easily as an option somewhere - that would be better than nothing, and allow emailing into any task as a comment, as if it were the reply to a notification.

Even better would be to have an email address generated for each task that is different from the “reply” address on notifications, and have emails sent to that address treated differently (assume all the info in the email is important to the task, and include recipient info / subject / attachments)



This would be already a HUGE start. I have email notifications disabled because of the sheer volume of tasks I am involved with, but I would LOVE to have the ability to just copy/paste and copy it into my existing email as a BCC to add the email as a comment.


If you haven’t done so already, I would recommend checking out the Gmail Add-On for Asana which not only allows you to turn emails into tasks directly from your Gmail inbox, but also to add comments to existing tasks too!


One in-elegant work around is to forward the email to the project, then make it a subtask of the task in question. It won’t be a comment, but at least the information is recorded in the right place.

But, Asana, PLEASE make an elegant one for those of us lucky to have escape Outlook!


I’m also for a simple solution. No real need for plug-ins or such!
I just need a way to put in CC an ASANA project e-mail address and the task name in the subject so it would become automatically a comment in this task, instead of creating a new task in the project.


I desperately need this feature.

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