Create an email as attachment to a task

I can manage to create a task from an email.
But what if I just want that email to be a part of a task (just like an attachment).
is that possible?

Hi @Rune_Haarberg :wave:

To add email to existing tasks, you can use the plugins

Hope that helps :wink:

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Hi @Arthur_BEGOU the gmail addon is NOT a solution. You can convert a mail to a task or add a comment, but it is not possible to add a mail to an existing task.

I was told this is possible in the Outlook add on, but I am not sure.

Hey @Herve_Buisset

Thanks for clarification.

Indeed, with the Gmail addon, there is no button to add the complete email to an existing task.
But you could technically copy/paste it in the task’s comment, directly from Gmail (but still a bit “dirty”).

With Outlook, this is apparently possible (as stated on the integration page)

See text

Add emails to existing task

Your entire team probably isn’t copied on every email chain that includes information they need to do their jobs. But without these details and context, they can’t effectively do their work. Now you can add the email to an existing Asana task as a comment right from Outlook by clicking Related Tasks in the Outlook top bar, searching for the task you’d like to add the email to, and then click Attach Message.

Or you could use a nice 3rd party tool like Supersana - cc @Bryan_TeamKickstart

I have that add-inn. However it only turns my emails into tasks.
i would also like to convert my emails into a attachement within a task, or even a project.

Hi! Yes, when you select Asana add-in from the outlook browser, there should be two options: Create Asana task (which you don’t want to do) or Open Asana add-in. If you click the second one, you can search for the task you want to attach your email to as a comment.
It will also pull up the task automatically if you already made the email into a task and forgot!


@Rune_Haarberg - @Em_Burke is right… the Gmail add-in from Asana is pretty awesome and does what you are asking for.

I’m happy @Arthur_BEGOU mentioned the tool my team built, But, honestly, the Asana add-in is better than Supersana on the gmail integration… for now. :wink:

So, @Em_Burke 's suggestion and the Asana-native plugins @Arthur_BEGOU are the right choice for what you said you need.

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Seems I havent exploited the add-in too much. Thanks.
However it does not make my email as .pdf. which could be more convenient.

Tried with one email - and theres lots of information thats not useful for others. Had to edit afterwards.

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