Can you add a feature where you can have an email from gmail posted to a comment in a task.

I’d really think it would be useful to have a feature where you can post an email to a task or subtask as a comment. Right now I need to copy and paste, but wish there was an easier or more seamless way to do this.

If this feature exists, can you let me know how to do it.

When you use the gmail extension you can add a comment to an email that was previously sent to a task, that way you do not leave gmail, but it still requieres copy paste. Furthermore there is no link to the original mail.

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Thanks Herve. I appreciate your help. Do you know if there is anyway we can make a request to the product team at Asana to see if they can explore the request to do it besides copy and pasting?

When you browse this forum you will see various topics that get a lot of votes, but haven’t been implemented yet. Asana does not publically share its roadmap. So, voting helps, but there is no way to know what is coming.

There is already an old thread about this, but it was closed with no solution available, other than to copy the text of the email and paste it as a comment

Ita is a shame because the gmail plugin for example already encapsulates the email as a comment if it is created as a new task, however it does not allow to do the same as a comment.

Hi all,

We’re excited to share that we just launched a new update to the Gmail add-on allowing you to sync your Gmail threads with a task, so all emails on a same thread are automatically uploaded to the same task. Learn more in Now rolling out: Gmail + Asana improvements to streamline workflows and connect planning with execution

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