Asana for Gmail - Email body to Description rather than Comment?

I’ve been testing the Asana for Gmail tool and was really hopeful it would be a good replacement to forwarding emails to an Asana email listener address. However, there are a couple things that may prevent me from recommending it to my team and I was hoping that someone could provide a solution.

  1. The “Add email to task” option takes the body of the email and places it into the Task’s comment. The desired functionality would be to place the body into the Task’s description, which is what happens when you forward an email to an Asana email listener address. Is there a way to make it save the email body into the description?

  2. We do not want the “Make task public” checkbox to be checked by default. Only in the rarest of occasions would we ever want a task to be made public to our entire workspace. Is there a way we can change the default behavior of this checkbox?

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Hey @Ryan_Lovelady; Michael from Asana here.

These are interesting questions that I’m happy to address.

  1. At the moment the only way option is to copy the info in your email into Asana via a comment (as opposed to the the description) for the Task. While copying the comment into the description then deleting the comment afterwards is the best solution we can offer, we do understand that this is an extra steep. That said, I’m more than happy to pass on your feedback to our team to consider for future updates!

  2. At the moment there is no way to change the default setting for making a Task public, though we can also understand why this would be important to you. Happy to pass this info on to our team as well!

Wish I more actionable advice for you right now, know that your experience & preferences will prove useful for our team in the near future!

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Hey @Michael_A, I just posted this in another thread but figured it was relevant here. I just discovered that using the add-on to create a task from Gmail to Asana and leaving the Add Email To Task creates a link at the bottom of the email that links back to the original email. This is a great feature but would love for it to also work when not including the email in the task and also GUI wise for it to have some icon at the top of the task area that when clicked takes you to the email.