Add Emails to Tasks as Comments

I know that this has been raised before and I am familiar and do have the Gmail Add on, but the solution does not really help save time. Actually it takes longer to use the add-on than it does to copy and paste my email text into the comment field in a separate window.

Is there a way to tag an email when I send it (from ANY email platform) so that it will add to a specific task in the comments?

I’ve used MANY other project/ticketing systems and they all have had a link or special email address that I can include in the CC section of my email. If it is included on any email, the Subject, Sender, Recipient, Date and Body are all added to the task as a comment.

Is there nothing like this available without out having to go to a third party? Even custom with APIs?

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Hi @Lee_Staats,

As you note, this has been discussed on numerous threads here (though mostly in terms of Gmail- or Outlook-specific solutions, not the more general one you mention).

There isn’t a general link or email address that corresponds to a specific task as you’re asking about.

One could certainly utilize the Asana API to build such a tool. But I’m not aware of any existing tools for Asana which do it.

Yeah. It’s a shame because it would work exactly like the Create New Task functionality. It seems really weird that the functionality to “Sync” would only be available on the original email used to set up the task. I have hundreds of email threads for one task that I have to add as a comment manually every time.

Why have the functionality there but only for one email thread?

Whoa. If those did come in as comments, how would you possibly keep the threads straight when Asana comments have no hierarchical capability? Wouldn’t all the threads intertwine in the comments, making any particular thread impossible to follow?

We update every task in the comments with and communications we receive related to that task. It doesn’t matter the order as long as we have record of it and the subject and date are in the comment somewhere.

@Lee_Staats - if this is really mission critical for you, there is a hacky way to do this, but it takes a couple steps.

Even though there is nowhere to click in Asana to see the special email address for a task, that email address DOES exist. You just can’t see it.

To access it (and re-use it), have a team member @mention you in a task. The email notification that you receive… click reply. The Reply-To email address is the special email address for commenting on that task. Any Asana user with permissions to see/comment on that task can forward an email and it will post as a comment.

So, like I said, a few steps. But, if it’s a task you intend to use to house all client communication on a project, and you intend to re-use it a lot, it’s probably worth it.

I’d suggest saving the long complex email as a “Contact” in your email account with the name of the project and the task so that you can easily find it for forwarding.

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Interesting hack, @Bryan_TeamKickstart, nice work. It is pretty awkward to get the email address, but technically you’re right, there is one!

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@Bryan_TeamKickstart, Yes, interesting. I’m not sure it’s practical enough for my use case but I tried it and it worked as you described, except I never seen more than a header (From: ) line or two; never the full main body. Have you run into that?

@lpb - are you saying the body of your email isn’t showing up?
I just tested again and the body shows up for me, right at the top. Could you share a screenshot of the email you sent and the subsequent comment in Asana?

Yes; just a header line or two. I’ve already deleted the comments created, but if I decide to pursue I’ll bug you offline…thanks!!

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Interesting hack indeed, @Bryan_TeamKickstart !

So the reply-to email works for any Asana user, it’s not user-specific, right?

But does that mean it does NOT work if non-Asana users send an email to the reply-to email address?

@Richard_Sather - yes, that’s correct. The comment has to be posted by an active Asana account, and it’s associated with whatever account sends the email. That email has to be one of the emails associated with the user’s account in their Settings.

NOTE: a user cannot comment on a task they don’t have permissions to see (meaning they need at least comment permissions – if it’s a private task / in a private project the user doesn’t have access to, their comment will not be posted.

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Awesome, good to know!
Cheers :+1:

@Richard_Sather - My actually actually update was wrong – what I originally said was true. I messed up in testing.

The comment only posts if the user CAN see the task in Asana.
Sorry for the good news whiplash :wink:

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Thanks for testing! :smiley:

Cc @Bastien_Siebman @Arthur_BEGOU


Hey Bryan,

This is awesome when it works. lol What Larry is happening for me too. The frist time I did it, it worked fine. then I tried forwarding another to the same address and only the first 2 lines integrated into the comments.

The only way I am able to get one to go in full again is to copy the email and post it in a new email and send it to the Asana comment address. :person_shrugging:

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