Attaching Outlook emails to a Task

Is there a way to quickly attach an Outlook email to an Asana task?
Previous threads directed to the Outlook plug-in but I find that this only “copy-pastes” the text content from the email thread into a comment. This is quite unwieldy for long message threads so uploading the email as a file attachment is preferred.

I was pretty sure the Outlook plugin was attaching the entire email :thinking: @Phil_Seeman you are a Microsoft guy, any thoughts?

No, the Asana Outlook add-in doesn’t attach the email. I think the best thing one can do currently is drag and drop the email from the Outlook email list onto the task in Asana. But:

  • That’s awkward because you have to go to the task in Asana which kind of defeats the purpose of having the add-in in Outlook
  • Once in Asana, you can’t view the email directly; you have to download it and then open the downloaded .msg file

Here’s a request for this feature you can upvote:


Awkward indeed. But thanks for letting me know, I’ve added my vote.