Outlook - add email as attachment (to reply later)


I use Asana to keep my outlook mailbox as empty as possible. Therefore I create tasks from emails and remove the email after creating the task. At this moment I can only create a tasks and mark the “email as comment” checkbox. It happens a lot that I have to reply on the original email to keep the conversation overview. Know I have to dig up the e-mail to reply.
Is there an other way to have email as attachment in the task? I have seen that I can drag&drop it, but that makes it more work…

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Here is an open feedback request thread that I think might be related to what you are looking for?

Some of the emails I have dragged and dropped to a task are completely empty upon download. I then have to go back to Outlook and search for the particular email, since the download is worthless. At least I have the title to go search with.