Outlook integration - automatically adding follow-up emails as task comments?

Hello! We are finding the Outlook add-in so helpful with Asana!

One question I still have is, after you’ve added an email thread to a task, if you have additional email exchanges on that same email thread, is there a way for those additional email replies to be automatically added to the task comments as well? Or do we need to use the Add-In to manually add any reply emails that happen after the initial email thread is added to an Asana as a task comment?

Hey @Anne_S from the outlook plug in, I understand it is a manual step you need to click every time.

Everything you need to know about the plug in can be found here: Asana for Outlook • Asana

You might also want to check PowerAutmoate features: Microsoft Power Automate + Asana • Asana They might have something that could do that automatically - but I have not checked personally for this type of automatic connection.

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