Attach an outlook email as a comment to existing task

After viewing an old thread it seems this is much needed. Emails often contain valuable information and attachments that would be worth connecting to an existing task, espeically since not every organizations employees will be users of Asana. Example: requested official approval for use of a third party image and original image for a design project. Received approval - rather than take screen shots of the communication and save the image - imagine how fast it would be to link the email thread to the task as a comment or subtask.

With so many upvotes on the other thread I find it hard to believe this hasn’t been considered.


Hi @msyvrais , where is the other old thread you mention?

Has it been closed so you could not post there instead of creating a new thread? I could reopen it and move your post there if you’d like.

Hi RIchard,

Yes it is closed. Attach Email to Task as comment - #31 by Jamie_Alter

Hi @msyvrais , indeed it is an old thread and I don’t see any upvotes that you mention since it’s in the Tips and Tricks category. I’ve taken the liberty to move this new thread you have created, into the Product Feedback category so that you and others can vote on this, using the purple button in the top left corner of this thread. Hope that’s ok!

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Hi Richard,

I guess by upvotes I meant “comments” :wink:

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