Asana and Flow for email integration

I’m using office 365.
I would like to send some emails into asana tasks in comment.
I already try Sendana and project buddy but not good for me.
I try to use flow by microsoft, but it’s hard to understand.
Does somebody already use that solution to add email in asana ?

Does Asana plan to make a tool for those integration ?

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In regards to Sendana, I am the owner. It is not that I cannot add the feature to post an email as a comment to a task. I am concerned about the task look up and the time to remember what task you want to post it to. I understand you can add comments to an existing task in the GMail version as well as Asana NG the Chrome add-in and if I interpret you correctly you want to be able to add an email content to a task as a comment. I would like to hear from everybody if the time taken to look up the task by “search” makes this a viable. If enough believe that then we will consider adding. Thanks for the feedback.

James, thank you for your answer.
Perhaps you can look at what Wrike did.
They have got a good integration with outlook :

  • The add-in automaticaly detect the task where the first email was put in, you just havec to clic on the add button ;
  • the problem is that the email is not structure like in the original message so the email is hard to read ;
  • my goal is to achevied Inbox zero with asana.