Best E-mail app to work with asana


I’m using asana for several years.
I tried a lot of e-mails Apps with asana integration, but i didn’t found yet, the ideal app.
Any suggestions?

Hi @Miguel_Costa, thanks for reaching out!

I use the Asana for Gmail add-on so I can access Asana directly from within my Gmail inbox. We also offer the Asana for Outlook and you can turn emails into tasks and add emails to existing tasks. You can find more integrations here:

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I used gmail add on, is good for coments but is not quickly to use, and it is impossible to add subtasks , and attached several e-mails to the same task.
Missive is another option but it misses the possibility to make comments.

Hello, I’ve tried the Gmail add-on as well, but I don’t find it very usefull;

  • It takes too long to load
  • I have to ‘type’ and literally search for the project board (also takes long).
  • Ticking a box from a list of options would be much better (instead of the current dropdowns)
  • I don’t want every task to start with ‘Follow up on…’, unhandy when tasks start with the same words. It’s a task, of course I have to follow up.
  • Suggested (sortlike) tasks would be good (to create a subtask under)

All in all; it’s not a ‘Send-to-Asana-with-one-click’-solution…
It would work much better when a user could edit his settings with at least a default project board, default assignee, default process, default priority etc etc. …and with better loading times.

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I use Missive as it’s one of the few email apps that support sub tasks for new tasks. It will then add a link to the email conversation to a comment on the task you linked it to.

It’s also one of the few email clients that allow you to split the sidebar column horizontally so if you have two integrations you can see them at the same time.


I agree with you, but is easy to see all the comments with missive links for all the team, and if wee want to do a simple comment is not allowed.