Turn emails into action with Asana for Outlook

Dear Forum Members,

I’m super excited to announce that Asana is now available for Outlook! This new integration allows you to turn your emails into actionable, trackable tasks directly from Outlook!

The integration is available to everyone that uses Asana and Outlook (although it is not available for personal accounts); and here’s how to install it:

  1. Go to the Microsoft AppSource and click Get It Now .
  2. Follow the instructions to add the Asana plugin to your Outlook inbox. Admins will see the option to install this for everyone in their organization.
  3. Then, you will see Create Task and Open Asana Add-in buttons with the Asana logo in the top bar of your Outlook inbox.
  4. Click Create Task to turn the email into a new task in Asana or Open Asana Add-in to add the email as a comment to an existing task for context.
  5. The side pane will open so you can create the new task or attach the message to an existing task.

To learn more about it, check our this article on our Blog and this handy guide article.

Happy Thursday everyone :slight_smile:


This is so exciting.
Thank you @Marie, I can’t wait to have this tested.
I’m sure this will help people to migrate from their task managing into Outlook to Asana. This is a great addition to the application.

On the other hand, my organization has not moved to Office 365 yet, so I need to push to have access sooner rather than later :wink:

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@James_Carl how is it compared to Sendana?

Delegate tasks to a virtual assistant in Asana :computer:

@Bastien_Siebman As I believe everyone knows I am a big supporter of Asana and @EricLegault and I have spent almost two years on Sendana. The complete feature set of Sendana is more broad and we have look ups on everything. Sendana also can create team and project conversations and add Sections and Tags on the fly and select what attachments you desire to avoid the annoying signatures among other numerous features. We are also working on adding comments to tasks and creating subtasks. In fairness to Asana, this is their first release and I am sure they will look at other features. I have also actively communicated with Asana on the need for some of these features in the G-Mail version which they continue to develop. As an active member of this Community and a loyal supporter of Asana I do not want to start critiquing the two products. Each Outlook user will have the freedom to explore both products, consider their features, ease of use etc and how it fits into their needs. Asana’s version is of course is free and Sendana costs $24.95 for a lifetime license… Sendana is fully compatible with all versions of Outlook back to 2010. It will also work if someone is synchronizing a Gmail account to Outlook. For those that want to compare to fit there need, here is a long time thread on Sendana. Outlook To Asana - Sendana - #108 by James_Carl


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Can I check … is this app just for Outlook mail app (i.e. what used to be hotmail) and not the desktop Outlook programme with Microsoft office?

Hi @Ruth_Newnham :wave:t3: the add-on is compatible with Outlook 2013 SP1 + Outlook 2016 for Mac (Find the right app | Microsoft AppSource)

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This is very exciting but I have 1 question: In my outlook I have 3 e-mailadresses for several projects. The plugin only works on my main account and not on the other two. Is there a way to make it work for all 3 of them?

Hi @Vera_Tummers are your two other accounts professional accounts? The reason why I’m asking is that Asana for Outlook is not available for private accounts!

Hi Marie, can you clarify what is a professional Outlook account (and what is not)?

Same question as Patrick. I have 3 mailaccounts for work so in my oppinion they are professional accounts. But i’m not sure what your interpretation of a professional account is.

Hi @Patrick_EMIN and @Vera_Tummers; no worries, i’m happy to clarify!

The Microsoft documentation indicates that Asana for Outlook can be acquired “Using
Work or school account Microsoft account” (Note that this is a limitation with Outlook add-ons). You can learn more about Microsoft account for work here.

hope this helps! :slight_smile:

You mean to say that the mailadres has to be linked to a Microsoft professional or school account. Wich the other two mailadresses aren’t. They are simple mailadresses via another host then Microsoft.

Yes @Vera_Tummers, that’s correct and that would explain why you’re not able to install the integration on your two other email addresses! Sincere apologies for the initial confusion; please let me know if there is anything else I can help with!

Well in that case I have two Outlook 365 work accounts (the two companies I work for have Office 365 accounts) and none of them can be used to install this integration.

Hi @James_Carl I will be sticking with Sendana. Apart from the fact that you can only get the Asana app on a Microsoft work or school account (seems a bit silly) I love the functionality on Sendana it’s a great little product. :+1:

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