Asana Outlook 2016 integration for all e-mail clients

I have installed the Asana integration for Outlook 2016 (e-mail programm ).
But the integration only shows up at my hotmail e-mail client and not the Gmail clients.

Does anyone know how to make the asana integration work for all the e-mail clients you are using in outlook?

Many thanks in advance

Hi @Daniel18 and welcome to the Forum! Unfortunately, the addin won’t work with Gmail addresses managed in Outlook (Enable to download the Asana for Outlook integration - #6 by Marie) but you might want to look into our integration for Gmail Gmail + Asana App Integration • Asana.

Hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thx Marie for the quick response! Too bad it doesn’t work, actually really like working with outlook. But this might be the reasons I’ll switch to Gmail :slight_smile:

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